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Dot Matrix Printers
These printers deliver text, rugged reliability and performance in demanding print environments.


Explore Our Dot Matrix Printers

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Epson dot matrix printers are your ideal companions for heavy-duty printing at low cost through its ability to work with multi-part stationery. These printers only require occasional ribbon replacement as ink ribbons utilized remain functional even after prolonged storage, serving as an ideal workhorse for your business.

Epson developed ESC/P is the world standard for dot matrix printer control. This means no matter which platform, software or network you use, you can plug in and begin your printer journey right away.


Maximise Productivity

Print on continuous paper as well as multi-part stationery to make carbon copies that meet your business-specific needs.



Enjoy low cost of ownership with competitive print cost per page through economical ink ribbons.


Superior Reliability



Engineered to last with sturdy build quality while delivering consistent performance.

With lasting ink ribbons and high mean time between failures (MTBF), you can expect minimal downtime.


Quality and Value

Epson genuine ribbons ensure greater yield, better quality and longer lifespan.

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