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Display captivating signage from a short distance with this bright short-throw projector.


Redefine projection with the powerful EB-L630SU short-throw laser projector. Offering 6,000 lumens of brightness, this high-performance laser projector easily delivers bright, beautiful Full HD WUXGA images in space-constrained environments. Ideal for nearly any application — from lecture halls to gallery walls — the EB-L630SU projects eye-catching signage and graphics up to 200" and features built-in tools to seamlessly support multi-projector setups. Designed with convenience in mind, this flexible laser display includes a virtually maintenance-free 20,000-hour laser light source, easy-to-use tools for simplified installation, and a built-in content creation app to help you develop and share your creations.


  • Up to 6,000 lumens of equal Color and White Brightness
  • Full HD WUXGA support; accepts 4K signal
  • Virtually maintenance-free 20,000-hour laser light source
  • Project up to 200" from single projector or join multiple projectors
  • Built-in tools for simplified installation

EB-L630SU Full HD WUXGA Short-throw Laser Projector

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