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Deliver Precise and Reliable Copies Everytime


Achieve detailed precision for your printing needs with Epson DLQ-3500II/DLQ-3500IIN, the first Dot matrix printer with colour LCD monitor panel. Built to deliver extreme print volume requirements and extraordinary output quality with print speeds of up to 550 characters per second (cps), up to eight-part forms with absolute accuracy as well as ribbon yield of up to 6 million characters, the versatile DLQ-3500II/3500IIN dot matrix printer is the ideal solution to maximise business efficiency.

*Only difference between DLQ-3500II and DLQ-3500IIN is that DLQ-3500IIN has a built-in network connectivity. 

Epson DLQ-3500II/DLQ-3500IIN Dot Matrix Printer

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